“Hey Dude- Look – I got to go back to the doctor in three days- he said I got a lump or a spot of some shit they want to check out.” That simple run on sentence was the first I became aware that my friend and coworker had cancer. Looking back I would have stopped what I was doing in my tracks, grabbed his hand and drug him to the doctor and demanded they do whatever tests they had right then, right dammit now. Because you see, this cancer moves fast, and hard, and the difference in a few days now seems like years before. That was only 6 weeks ago – so short – but so long. In the while I have seen him endure radiation treatments, blood clots, weight loss, fatigue – and he has not even had to face the chemotherapy yet. He cannot eat – he drinks his food. He was such a wildly vibrant personality before – never able to sit still; always he fidgeted and moved, and laughed and cut up and made noise – now quiet, reserved and and often brooding. He tries to keep the positive side; his sm

The HP's 2012 Concession Speech - and Message of Things To Come

My Fellow Americans – It has this day been shown that the American Peoples, when they are faced with a tough decision will make tough choices. And we have with that greatest of privileges been allowed to cast our singular voices in a chorus of unity in electing for the next 4 years a president by ballot. Like 2000 this one seems to shaping up to be a good old fashioned fucking over of the people one way or the other. It was an honor to be considered by many of you for your choice of Supreme Overlor—umm. President and I deeply moved by the support of those whose ballots were cast with hope for a less oppressive Iron fist of rule that I would have implemented. It is with the realization that maybe our campaign got started too late and was way underfunded, that I must now take the mantle of responsibility from my own shoulders and transforms it into the blanket of blame and try and find someone to pin this loss upon. Had I had a campaign manager, I would here and now publicly embarrass t

Election Day 2012

Election Day is finally here. Good. In all seriousness, I don't care who you vote for; rather I simply hope all who are able take part in the process. I know enough of you that when I did a quick little "silent poll" in my head, guessing who the folks in my news feed would vote for, that I can tell ya I think all my friends are pretty much a wash, half voting for one guy, half the other. Who do I want for President? The guy who will have a compassionate heart for the weak; the guy who wants to see business grow but understands the obligations business must keep with it's Labor; the guy who, when given he choice in sending mire kids to be killed and maimed takes the time to understand the gravity of the situation, and makes the right choice; the guy who is running for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. And I do not see that in either of these two candidates. And I am fine with that. For the record, I'm going to stick with my plan of writing in "The Hi

NO, I am not dead

Things sure have been quiet here of late, no? Well - the reason is simple - out IRL The HP got a new gig. Same Dance steps, different music. So now, after three weeks, I have decided to do a "Pros and Cons" of the new job. Enjoy. PRO: I really like my new boss. CON: Raleigh Traffic PRO: Krispey Kreme is on my way to work , for all my breakfast needs. CON: Raleigh Traffic PRO: I came in and took the helm of a crew of Professional DFrivers who seem to have a good reputation and know what they are doing. CON: Raleigh Traffic PRO: Since the new company is about the size of the divison I was in in the old company, I do not feel too overwhelmed with the new responsibilities. CON: Raleigh Traffic PRO: 65 degree afternoon? Let's take the route through Hillsborough Street and do alittle girl watching between point A and point B CON: Raleigh Traffic PRO : 20 Ounce Mt Dew bottles in the vending machine for $1 CON: Raleigh Traffic PRO: I need to hire 6 more peop

A Miracle Happened There

Let me tell you a story. One you may have heard before, but bears retelling none the less.. It is a story of Oppressing Armies, rebels, determination, the will to survive and perseverance. Once upon a time there were some people who lived in a tight little community; they lived together, they worked together, and they all shared a belief passed to them through blood and through teaching. They had a massive Temple , built for them with instructions of their God as passed through man. It was a hard time in the world, and though they tried to simply hold on to what they had, they were overrun. Their temple was seized, and it was converted to the worship of the conqueror's God. This upset the local people, and though they wanted to fight and regain it, many felt the chance for reprisals too strong; the penalty for insurrection to harsh; in time the army made it punishable by death to even cling to the old religion. Slowly, a small band of resistance fighters did emerge howe

Iraq : War is Over

In a moment of rare seriousness I want to say : I am overjoyed at the end of military action in Iraq. Too many dead among the military on both sides; way to many dead among the civilian population of Iraq , numbering so high as to equal the Rwandan genocidal killing fields ; we saw the worst of ourselves at Abu Ghraib; we went on lies; we shattered and forever mangled the minds and bodies of young men who were told they were "Doing the right thing" and quickly learned they were not but had no choice but to follow orders; billions and billions of wasted dollars on a war that served no purpose. But none of that is what brings me the most joy. What brings me joy is that this evening, for the first time in their memory, I can put my children to sleep knowing that one war has ended. Now, let's get the boys and girls out of Afghanistan, and let our small ones go to bed knowing that we have no war at all. Please remember today those who have lost their sons; their daught

Free Market vs. Free Speech

Stop. Before you even read this - you need to do your homework. Unless your live in a cave or under a bridge, You are probably aware of the Lowe's Home Improvement decision to pull it's advertising support from TLC's "All American Muslim" program. And unless you just woke up from a coma, or are one of the seven people in the world without Facebook or Twitter , you have probably seen either a whirl wind of indignation, or support, or both, depending on the leanings of the folks you socialize with. OK, now that you have done your homework, here is my thoughts. I have in the past , when made aware of the financial support by one Corporation to a cause or charity I did not agree with, decided to "fight back with my wallet" - by boycotting / avoiding them. A great example is of McDonald's. I learned in a Sociology class that McDonald's was a major supporter of a charity that , at the time, I did not approve of. And for 8 years I did not spe