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The meaning of life ( from today's view - 1 )

Dammit. It is that time again. You know that time. You dread it, and no matter how much you try to put it off, you know it is gonna happen. You talk to family. You ask friends advice. You even talk to the experts when you gt a chance, but they only look at you with sad eyes, pat you on the shoulder, and express remorse that in the scheme of things, all men must deal with it. No, not the death of a loved one. Not even the loss of a job, or the closing of your favorite mom and pop hardware store. Those things cause a sudden flash of grief, and I think on some level we are more wired to handle a ton of grief, rather than the long drawn out dread and realization that no matter how smart we have becoe, no matter how hard we work, how often we pray, that in the grand scheme of things, we are as helpless to stop it as a dandelion seed drifting on a warm spring breeze. It has come down to this : It is time for the first grass cutting of the year. Oh how I hate the first cutting of the year -