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Brew Day Shenanigans ( Originally a post on

Oh my head. It feels like it's gonna burst. Let me tell you a little story... So I have made enough beer now that when asked " Man, I'd like to see that done - can I come over next time you brew" I told an acquittance "Why not - be there at noon Saturday. I'mma brew an IPA recipe I think will work - we'll have a blast." If I had only known..... If I had only know than when I went to the LHBS I would get struck with the crazy notions that 1) I want to do a brown ale from grains and 2) You know that BIAB method has been pretty smooth - I can do both in a day. Some of you more seasoned folks are probably all ready shaking your heads - new brewer, 2 AG BIAB batches , and you KNOW we're not just gonna sit around and sip tea..... Brew Time was set for 12:00 noon. As I have with all my past brews, I settled in an hour ahead of time to drink one of my recent brews, sanitize, check equipment, you know. Well, that turned into another beer because since the

Thanksgiving 2010 - Some Good, Some Bad

It's that day again. My favorite of all Holidays, even over Christmas. I do not know why, maybe it is not that I LIKE Thanksgiving so much, as I dislike the other ones each on a different level. I guess I am obligated to list the things I am thankful for, but to be honest, I think I do that plenty enough. I mean, everyone I know knows I love my wife and kids, my parents and my sister, and all my extended family. Who is not thankful in these times if they have a job? Of course I am thankful for living in a c ountry where I can bitch and moan and not worry about some secret police taking me out in the middle of the night ( for now atleast ..) Here are some you may or may not know - I am thankful for two dogs this year - Biscuit, who we lost in June after having only for a short while, was an amazing dog that every person who met seemed to love. Biscuit was quite the hit at the spring cookout we held, and I miss that dog. Wish he could have grown into an old age - I think he would hav

Fellow Workers - Unite! For Coffee!

The morning finds me about 3 1/2 hours due west from my bed - I'm in the beginning of the mountains of NC to attend a class in order to maintain some certifications I hold. It is beautiful here - I would love to move here I think. I think that every time I am here. But I also know I spaz out after 24 hours of snow , so in truth it should never ever happen. But, being I am far from home, I am awake early. I have already walked about 2 miles, down into the little fast food / gas station oasis down the road from my hotel, just to kill some time and not awaken the coworker who I shared the room with. And as I came back, I watched the hotel as it came to life - lights popping on in rooms left and right, top and bottom floor. And I looked at the parking lot, and despite the fact we are in a most beautiful scenic location, in the peak of leaf season, I realized the parking lot has probably no more than 1 or 2 cars I would attribute to tourists or vacationers. By and large it is work vans