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The HP's Rules of Life, VOL I

My dad has a list of "rules of life" and they are pretty damn spot on. I do not know weather he wrote them, or found them, or someone told them to him - whatever - but they are his rules, so I will not relay them here. However, I decided that I am going to start my own elastic, mailable project of creating some Rules of life. Here is a starting list, in rough draft. 1) Most anything you do is more fun if you do it naked. Except run a chain saw, cook bacon, or play slap fight with a cat. Or anything involving chickens. It may be more fun, but people will talk. 2) If you drink alcohol, never drink when angry. Drink when you can enjoy your libation - drinking angry just makes you drunk, and that's kinda pointless. 3) If you travel out of town for work, always pack an extra day's clothes, and two extra days underwear, and three extra days socks. You may have to stay later, you might eat some stomach distressingly rancid Mexican food, and sometimes a fresh pair o