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“High Lonesome”

*** I wrote this article for A Picture Worth 1000 Words the day before I wrote the entry here at this blog entitled " The HP on Death ". *** Just recently I lost a friend. As a matter of fact, a large percentage of those who offer up comments and content over at A Picture Worth 1000 all lost a friend. I took a few moments after visiting the funeral parlor to pen down my thoughts of death in general. It seems I write about death a lot, either in a romantic or frustrating sense as myself or in a violent and fantasy world in collaboration with my nom de plume, Hilton Stiles. But this picture evokes in me a memory of another death – one that shattered my heart and made me grow up all in a moment. My best pal Randy and I had a great love for the outdoors, and the Cape Fear River in general. Along with other friends we would camp at some cabins up between Lillington and Fuquay Varina, and fish all night, and drink all day and night. We sand songs, some of us better than

Happiness ( Orig posted on Pict Worth 1000 Words )

Happiness Happiness is a kiss on the forehead, Holding hands in the parking lot, And the smell of wood smoke on a fall day. Happiness is the sound of laughter, The taste of fresh coffee, And a favorite work shirt hung out in the sun and breeze. Happiness is knowing without asking, Hoping with out worry, Dancing and not caring who sees. Happiness in you. And me. Us. Happiness.

Beers I have Loved ( Orig to Pict. worth 1000 words )

“Beers I have loved” Beer, glorious beer. How I love thee. The pint in the picture up there quickens my heart; I can feel the beads of condensation as I touch the glass. I bet it is at proper serving temp too, so that all the intimate secrets hidden within it are roaming free and easy, just waiting on y to savor the labor o the brewer. I’d love to have that beer. Here are a few of my favorite beers ever: Best surprise beer: A buddy and I and our oldest sons were standing knee deep in the Cape Fear River after a 2 mile hike across state and private lands. It was hot, and we were joking abut how we should have brought a cooler. About an hour later three guys in a canoe come by, stop and portage their canoe over the falls, and give us a beer before moving on. Best surprise ever. Best surprise beer, runner up: After working all day in the dry arid hay fields picking up hay and then loading it into the barn, a Miller High Life pony bottle passed to me without a word by my Dad. It wa

Other Blogs

So, you come here and you read my ramblings and insane leanings, but maybe you just want some fiction. Remember to check out WASTED TYPEFACE , my fiction blog. And there is BLUE COLLAR FOOD CRITIC , which gets sporadic postings of my views on solitary dining experiences around the state.

Charity Work - It makes you feel good

This year, on new years day, I made only one resolution - to live my life in a way that parralleled the Jason Mraz song "Live High". I hope Mr. Mraz will not be too upset if I quote a bit of it here: Glory God, oh God is peeking through the blinds Are we all here standing naked Taking guesses at the actual date and time Oh my, justifying reasons why Is an absolutely insane resolution to live by Live high Live mighty Live righteously Taking it easy Live high, live mighty Live righteously Try to picture the man To always have an open hand See him as a giving tree See him as matter Matter fact he's not a beast No not the devil either Always a good deed doer And it's laughter that we're making after all The call of the wild is still an ordination why And the order of the primates All our politics are too late Oh my, the congregation in my mind Is this assembly singing gratitude Practicing their loving for you Now, I am a publically avowe