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Quit feeding The Copy / Paste Trolls - or - You Should Know Better

Here in the past week the "Copy and Paste" Trolls have been busy as shit on Facebook. I can tell you, the posts that keep popping up again and again, and folks seem to endlessly report these blatant untruths. Just a few days ago, I encountered ( for about the 100th time - clue #1 ) a post along the lines of " Do not join the group I love being a parent - it's a bunch of children raping perverts who are gonna steal your kids pictures and then hunt them down and rape the shit out of them. It has to be true - it was on Foxxy News!! Copy and paste this to all the world!!!" Ok, here's the deal - this is false. As would be easily verified with, of I don't know - a visit to the Foxxy news website? Maybe Google? A trip to Snopes? But no - you can see this thread ( I have seen it going on for over a YEAR now mind you ) yet it always claims it was on the news just yesterday. SO, thinking that most folks would not want o be part of 1 ) spreading an obviou