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“Hey Dude- Look – I got to go back to the doctor in three days- he said I got a lump or a spot of some shit they want to check out.” That simple run on sentence was the first I became aware that my friend and coworker had cancer. Looking back I would have stopped what I was doing in my tracks, grabbed his hand and drug him to the doctor and demanded they do whatever tests they had right then, right dammit now. Because you see, this cancer moves fast, and hard, and the difference in a few days now seems like years before. That was only 6 weeks ago – so short – but so long. In the while I have seen him endure radiation treatments, blood clots, weight loss, fatigue – and he has not even had to face the chemotherapy yet. He cannot eat – he drinks his food. He was such a wildly vibrant personality before – never able to sit still; always he fidgeted and moved, and laughed and cut up and made noise – now quiet, reserved and and often brooding. He tries to keep the positive side; his sm