Monday, March 22, 2010

The HP's 2 cent opinion of the Heath Care Reform Act

( This was originally a comment I made in a thread in facebook - and then realized I may as well post it as a note of it's own. - The HP )

I think that the right step has been taken - we agree that there is 1) a broken system in place 2) a need for all people to receive care and 3) going to be some kind of involvement regardless.

I do not think the government regulating hospitals and drug companies directly would be effective - they simply could create new fees, or replace a drug every 12 months just to keep the patent and billing process alive.

However, I think that the reason costs are as high as they are is because the hospitals and doctors are essentially allowed to charge whatever the insurance is willing to pay - therefor the insurance industry can be directly blames for the way in which health costs have risen. I know of several people who prefer a doctor in Sanford because his fees are discounted if you pay cash - but if you have insurance he will bill them the full amount. That reeks of corruption to me - but that is the system we have until now allowed to flourish.... See More

I also think that it is mighty selfish for people to decry other folks having access to doctors - just because they are poor. IS that the American way - the real ideal of all men being equal - to say that you are equal when it comes time to vote, equal when it comes to having a tax burden - but if your poor, you better not go to my doctor's office and make me have to wait to go next?

I myself am a whole lot prouder to be an American today, when my tax money will be used to assure health care to all persons, than I am to be an American who spends more on military hardware than education.

And I realize i said " To all persons" - the bill of rights applies to all people - it is a philosophy - no where does it limit those essential rights to American Citizens Only.

To do so would reek of double standard - Men, created equal. A nation of brother hood. Be your brother;s keeper. Do no harm.

And just try to do no evil, even the unintentional evil, that hurts others all the same.

I a no more important than any other person. My life and heath is not worth anymore than that of the president, or of a movie actor, or of a child born in a homeless shelter, or of a man in prison. Life and health are all you are born with.

To deny others that one simple truth - well, this country already had laws like that, and we should all be ashamed of them still today.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Kiss Song and Charity Poker Table Mates

OK, the next questions I asked were :

What song do you associate with your first real kiss?


You're having a charity poker event - and you have one religious figure, one dead celebrity, one living celebrity , one politician (living or dead) and one family member at your table. Who are they?

So - to answer the first - I think it has to be Welcome to The Jungle, by Guns and Roses. You could not go anywhere that summer and not hear that song. Sad to say, the song means more to me on an emotional level today than that first real kiss did. And you know who you are - hope you are doing well. Been a long time since I have heard of you or your family - hope every one is fine and you have had a prosperous life.

Now, on to the really interesting question. First of all, I would have to probably invite King Henry VIII. As head of the Church of England, I would love to just slap him on the back a few times for the way he told the world " Hey - I gotta have religion - but by my rules".

Dead celebrity is pretty easy for me too - ever since I was a child, in my mind when I hear the name George Burns, I remember him with a cigar, playing poker in one of the Oh! God! movies I saw at my aunt and uncles house as a kid. Gotta think he would be a fun guy to have at the table.

Living celebrity - again - for me, a no brainer. Robert Deniro. Man is a man's man, and from every thing I read is a paradox - very private, but when in a group pretty much a wonderful conversationalist.

My politician list is kinda muddy, so after a bracket challenge, I have arrived at Richard Nixon. I am willing to bet his card play was ruthless.

And then family member. I would have to say my dad. I have never seen my dad play alot of cards, and nver gamble - but he grew up in the rec centers of Fayetteville NC in the late 0s and early 70s, he was in the Navy - and he can shoot pool once a year like he plays every day, he has a sharp wit and a great ability to observe. I have a feeling he would mop up.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Snacks - And What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

What is you favorite snack and drink?

This was the first of the "wants to know" questions, and to date it has had 24 comments. First things last, I gotta start with the drink.

I love beer. Period. I love the taste of beer. I love the smell of beer. I even love the smell of beer on someone's breath. I love the color of a nice light beer, and I love the deep mystery of a dark beer. I love the feel of a beer can in my hand while fishing, a beer bottle in my hand while standing around a bon fire, or a mug of beer that keeps me company while watching the race.

I like beer with pizza. I like beer with a steak. I like beer with hot wings. I like beer with kid's birthday cake. I like beer with hot dogs. I like beer at a cook out. I like a beer in the parking lot of the funeral parlor. I like beer drank in a pickup truck in the shadow of a church on Saturday night. I like a beer in the morning, and when I retire I am going to start every day with a beer.

I ate a bowl of frosted flakes with beer poured in it instead of milk - not too shabby. I like to boil brats in beer, marinate steak in beer, put beer up a chicken's body cavity and grill it, I like to mix flour in beer and make onion rings.

I have and can, if called upon, drink a piss hot beer that was in the trunk of a car in the summer heat. I have opened a beer at 4:30 in the morning while camping and drank it without ever getting out of my sleeping bag.

I even made a video to explain the Hierarchy of Beer . And that sprang from a note that I wrote about beer. So yeah, Beer is my favorite drink.

I would drink non-alcoholic beer at work if I could. I just like the flavor that much.

As far as snack - I am really in the air on that right now. I have to admit I am a pure fool over Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Jelly Rolls, or whatever the hell they are.

But I don't like them nearly as much as I like beer.

What Did You Think You Wanted To Be As Adult When You Wer 10 Years Old?

I have to admit from the start that I have *kinda* been able to realize this one. I wanted to be a writer. I always have wanted to be. However, besides the fact I have not taken it seriously enough to try and work on story craft, and that contributing fact that what I do write is all pretty much self gratifying horse shit that no one really needs, I have failed. But in the sense that thanks to the past few years finding a bit of an online voice and the encouragement of friends, I have succeeded.

Could I do it as a profession? I don't think so. I am a little too coarse with language for newspaper and magazine work, and have none of the degree or experience for anyone to want to give me a shot anyway. That and the fact that I have a family with wife and kids pretty much means I would look like a total fool to even attempt such a shaky adventure. So no, there will be no professional work from me, and yes, that makes a small art of me want to cry.

So far, the most successful thing I have written is probably the subtitles in this Youtube video concerning Adolf Hitler and the UNC Men's Basketball team. Not Pulitzer quality I assure you, but yeah, it makes me happy so many people have seen it.

Just as it makes me very happy that you have taken the time to read this.

Thank you, sincerely.

The Hillbilly Philosopher Wants To Know ....

OK, for the past few days, on my Facebook account, I have been asking a series of seemingly random questions. I have tried my best not to get involved the the threads that followed, and some of them have been really interesting to read the responses.

Now, I am going to let the cat out of the bag. This is all a multifaceted project. First, I am very happy to see some of the responses made by folks who do not post a lot - their getting involved has really been the most present surprise.

Second, it has allowed what I hope to be was a little "getting to know you " space for my friends from different sections of my life to voice in a common area.

Lastly, and perhaps the cream on top, these questions will be answered two at a time in my upcoming blog posts here. So if you want to know the answers from my perspective, this is where you will have to come to find them.

First post up sometime tonight!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Introduction to The Hillbilly Philosopher

OK, so like all things technological and trendy, mu slow and tired ass is finally getting on the band wagon.

I have always tried to write a little here and there, and I have quite a decent amount of followers on a social site, but decided to step away from the comfort of readers who all know me and into the wide open expanse of the Internet proper.

So, if you know me, welcome old friends. And if you do not - here I am: I'm the Hillbilly Philosopher. My religion and politics change direction like a reed blowing in the wind. I have my own way to look at things, and a surprising disdain for other folks. I do not like yogurt. I think kids sports without keeping scores are a waste of time. I like to write restaurant reviews, but seldom are they about the food.

My grammar and spelling suck. I have little patience for spell check, and lay even less importance on sentence structure so long as my point get across.

All this and more in the future. So welcome.

And I hope you come back and visit from time to time.