Election Day 2012

Election Day is finally here. Good. In all seriousness, I don't care who you vote for; rather I simply hope all who are able take part in the process. I know enough of you that when I did a quick little "silent poll" in my head, guessing who the folks in my news feed would vote for, that I can tell ya I think all my friends are pretty much a wash, half voting for one guy, half the other. Who do I want for President? The guy who will have a compassionate heart for the weak; the guy who wants to see business grow but understands the obligations business must keep with it's Labor; the guy who, when given he choice in sending mire kids to be killed and maimed takes the time to understand the gravity of the situation, and makes the right choice; the guy who is running for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. And I do not see that in either of these two candidates. And I am fine with that. For the record, I'm going to stick with my plan of writing in "The Hillbilly Philosopher". It is a small little vote, some may say being thrown away, but a protest vote none the less. I am not totally happy with the job the current President Obama has done, but at the same time find Mr. Romney so absolutely out of touch with the working class I cannot endorse him either. SO in the end, I WILL still participate, but give credence to neither. ( Also, when I die, I expect someone to remember this and make sure my Obituary includes the phrase " Former Presidential Candidate" - thank you ) The real election that I am concern most of all is the office of Lt. Governor here in NC. The Governor's race is a non-starter - Mr. McCrory is way ahead and been running for 2 years - Mr Dalton did not even think he would be allowed to run until Governor Perdue's announcement just back in January of this year. McCrory will win, and there is nothing to stop that. But Dan Forrest running for Lt. Governor scares me - I do not like what I have seen there, and the idea of him setting up a future Governor's bid is enough to make me hope that Mrs. Linda Coleman wins that race today. In the end I do not much know how little or how much a difference any of those listed above really make as individuals - hence the need for party systems - We love to blame the leaders for all the ills of society, but it is you and me, society ourselves - that allows the ills to grow and fester. We live in a society where we all swear allegiance to the principles of fairly and duly elected, then as soon as our guy loses act like it was some great travesty and misapplied social experiment that got our guy defeated. All in all, I want folks to get out, do your thing, vote your heart , mind, wallet, Pastor's recommendation - whatever - just vote. Then own up that you were a part of it - good or bad - and then instead of crowing like a rooster or braying like an ass about the results come tomorrow morning - instead try to find someone on the opposite side, sit down with a beer or a cup of coffee and ask "How can we fix this thing?" If you do that, you will have shown more leadership than any of the folks whose names you see on the ballot today.


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