First Kiss Song and Charity Poker Table Mates

OK, the next questions I asked were :

What song do you associate with your first real kiss?


You're having a charity poker event - and you have one religious figure, one dead celebrity, one living celebrity , one politician (living or dead) and one family member at your table. Who are they?

So - to answer the first - I think it has to be Welcome to The Jungle, by Guns and Roses. You could not go anywhere that summer and not hear that song. Sad to say, the song means more to me on an emotional level today than that first real kiss did. And you know who you are - hope you are doing well. Been a long time since I have heard of you or your family - hope every one is fine and you have had a prosperous life.

Now, on to the really interesting question. First of all, I would have to probably invite King Henry VIII. As head of the Church of England, I would love to just slap him on the back a few times for the way he told the world " Hey - I gotta have religion - but by my rules".

Dead celebrity is pretty easy for me too - ever since I was a child, in my mind when I hear the name George Burns, I remember him with a cigar, playing poker in one of the Oh! God! movies I saw at my aunt and uncles house as a kid. Gotta think he would be a fun guy to have at the table.

Living celebrity - again - for me, a no brainer. Robert Deniro. Man is a man's man, and from every thing I read is a paradox - very private, but when in a group pretty much a wonderful conversationalist.

My politician list is kinda muddy, so after a bracket challenge, I have arrived at Richard Nixon. I am willing to bet his card play was ruthless.

And then family member. I would have to say my dad. I have never seen my dad play alot of cards, and nver gamble - but he grew up in the rec centers of Fayetteville NC in the late 0s and early 70s, he was in the Navy - and he can shoot pool once a year like he plays every day, he has a sharp wit and a great ability to observe. I have a feeling he would mop up.


  1. Oh man, how funny! I associate GnR with my first love. I guess that's just our age. Plus, the dulcet tones of Axel Rose's voice are just so romantic. ;)


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