An Introduction to The Hillbilly Philosopher

OK, so like all things technological and trendy, mu slow and tired ass is finally getting on the band wagon.

I have always tried to write a little here and there, and I have quite a decent amount of followers on a social site, but decided to step away from the comfort of readers who all know me and into the wide open expanse of the Internet proper.

So, if you know me, welcome old friends. And if you do not - here I am: I'm the Hillbilly Philosopher. My religion and politics change direction like a reed blowing in the wind. I have my own way to look at things, and a surprising disdain for other folks. I do not like yogurt. I think kids sports without keeping scores are a waste of time. I like to write restaurant reviews, but seldom are they about the food.

My grammar and spelling suck. I have little patience for spell check, and lay even less importance on sentence structure so long as my point get across.

All this and more in the future. So welcome.

And I hope you come back and visit from time to time.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, HP! I'm thrilled you're joining the digital revolution. Okay, maybe it's not so much a revolution as a virtual pig-pickin, cocktail party, and a roving salon (of the non-beauty kind.) But yeah, glad you came to the party. Here's a beer, have fun!


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