The HP's 2 cent opinion of the Heath Care Reform Act

( This was originally a comment I made in a thread in facebook - and then realized I may as well post it as a note of it's own. - The HP )

I think that the right step has been taken - we agree that there is 1) a broken system in place 2) a need for all people to receive care and 3) going to be some kind of involvement regardless.

I do not think the government regulating hospitals and drug companies directly would be effective - they simply could create new fees, or replace a drug every 12 months just to keep the patent and billing process alive.

However, I think that the reason costs are as high as they are is because the hospitals and doctors are essentially allowed to charge whatever the insurance is willing to pay - therefor the insurance industry can be directly blames for the way in which health costs have risen. I know of several people who prefer a doctor in Sanford because his fees are discounted if you pay cash - but if you have insurance he will bill them the full amount. That reeks of corruption to me - but that is the system we have until now allowed to flourish.... See More

I also think that it is mighty selfish for people to decry other folks having access to doctors - just because they are poor. IS that the American way - the real ideal of all men being equal - to say that you are equal when it comes time to vote, equal when it comes to having a tax burden - but if your poor, you better not go to my doctor's office and make me have to wait to go next?

I myself am a whole lot prouder to be an American today, when my tax money will be used to assure health care to all persons, than I am to be an American who spends more on military hardware than education.

And I realize i said " To all persons" - the bill of rights applies to all people - it is a philosophy - no where does it limit those essential rights to American Citizens Only.

To do so would reek of double standard - Men, created equal. A nation of brother hood. Be your brother;s keeper. Do no harm.

And just try to do no evil, even the unintentional evil, that hurts others all the same.

I a no more important than any other person. My life and heath is not worth anymore than that of the president, or of a movie actor, or of a child born in a homeless shelter, or of a man in prison. Life and health are all you are born with.

To deny others that one simple truth - well, this country already had laws like that, and we should all be ashamed of them still today.


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