The Hillbilly Philosopher Wants To Know ....

OK, for the past few days, on my Facebook account, I have been asking a series of seemingly random questions. I have tried my best not to get involved the the threads that followed, and some of them have been really interesting to read the responses.

Now, I am going to let the cat out of the bag. This is all a multifaceted project. First, I am very happy to see some of the responses made by folks who do not post a lot - their getting involved has really been the most present surprise.

Second, it has allowed what I hope to be was a little "getting to know you " space for my friends from different sections of my life to voice in a common area.

Lastly, and perhaps the cream on top, these questions will be answered two at a time in my upcoming blog posts here. So if you want to know the answers from my perspective, this is where you will have to come to find them.

First post up sometime tonight!


  1. Keeping up with the new posts will be easier if you use the "Follow" feature. I do not plan to post links on my FB wall every time I post.


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