Jeffrey Davis is 35 - a few memories...Original to Facebook 1/06/2010

Jeffrey Davis is my boyhood buddy, my "bestie" in today's lingo - but he will always be "Boo Dog" to me. Here are a few memories I have some of our exploits ...

* I never won many fights - as a rule I avoided them at all costs. But in fifth grade, when Jeffrey and I had done some school work ahead of time, and a classmate was going to "tell on us", I broke crazy and jumped across a desk and tackled him to get my notebook back. Jeff occasionally still reminds me of this.

* Boo Dog called me 'Slide" - the only person to do so, and it would sound funny from anyone else, but from him, it fits. ( Kinda reminds me of his dad , too )

* Jeff used to ( and still may , I admit I don't know ) love to draw "graffiti" on notebook paper. He could produce subway quality work at a young age, but sadly, our small North Carolina town had no subways.

* Jeff was always polite and generous to a fault. I was the bad guy, he was the good guy. And have probably one of the best dynamics of any friends I know. It's like yin and yang, or salt and vinegar, or fire and ice - it just works.

* One reason Jeffrey is one of the finest folks you will ever meet is his parents - The world lost Billy 2 years ago, but he instilled enough of his wisdom and insight into Jeff that I can assure you that there IS some good in the world.

* Our first cars - Jeff had a gunmetal colored K car - front wheel drive and a tape deck. He got his license half a year before me obviously - and man we ran the roads. ( He got a speeding ticket taking me home on a Sunday morning once - I was SCARED shitless - I had never been in a car that had been pulled over before ) . I got a burgundy Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme - bucket seats and a tape deck. We hit Benson a few times, back when you could, and he even "chauffeured" my car for me a few times when I was in the back seat, um, "looking for something".

* Pinto bean pies. Cards till 2 in the morning. Old Trucker Movies. Sweeter than sweet tea.

* I was working at a BBQ joint in Hiigh School, and Jeffrey was at Byrd's Grocery. He came to work at the BBQ place where I was - and stayed after I left. He went away to school , and when he came back he went to the same place, eventually being "the man" for a long time. I always secretly admired his "stick-to-it-ness" - in the same time frame I held literally 20 different jobs.

* I would go to the Byrd's about the time Jeff was to get off, and go in and buy a case of YooHoos. We would sit in the parking lot and drink THE WHOLE DAMN CASE. Yep - we were that cool.

* We were band geeks - but dammit - we had fun, and no one , NO ONE, can take that from us.

* Raven rock = Cheap double dating. ( A lesson for younger generations)

* I will politely decline to discuss any high school girlfriends, who dated who, and such - but leave it to say that we had fun.

* Jeffrey liked Credence Clearwater Revival way more than anyone else I knew. Bombing down dirt roads, "Looking out my Backdoor" wide open, trying to "drift" a K Car before drifting was a sport - that was us.

* I always could depend o Jeffrey to give me good advice - though I usually did the EXACT opposite of what he suggested - kind of like reading the bible to find out what all the good sins are.


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