Quit feeding The Copy / Paste Trolls - or - You Should Know Better

Here in the past week the "Copy and Paste" Trolls have been busy as shit on Facebook.

I can tell you, the posts that keep popping up again and again, and folks seem to endlessly report these blatant untruths.

Just a few days ago, I encountered ( for about the 100th time - clue #1 ) a post along the lines of " Do not join the group I love being a parent - it's a bunch of children raping perverts who are gonna steal your kids pictures and then hunt them down and rape the shit out of them. It has to be true - it was on Foxxy News!! Copy and paste this to all the world!!!"

Ok, here's the deal - this is false. As would be easily verified with, of I don't know - a visit to the Foxxy news website? Maybe Google? A trip to Snopes? But no - you can see this thread ( I have seen it going on for over a YEAR now mind you ) yet it always claims it was on the news just yesterday.

SO, thinking that most folks would not want o be part of 1 ) spreading an obvious lie or 2 ) maligning a real group by posting a status that is not true about it, I joking mentioned to the current offender to not feed the trolls - and included a link. what did I get? An indignant response that " I don't have time to check out everything - rather be safe than sorry!" and a deletion. Really? You would rather spread a lie about children being fucked by a group that does not do that, then take a few minutes to verify something? Just toss it out there with your name beside it as fact? Amazing.

Another one that seems to be getting a lot of traction is that old standby " In 4 days Facebook will start charging you One Million Spanish Pesetas to use it - we will not pay ! Post this to tell Facebook to fuck themselves!!" Really? You know what? I wish Facebook WOULD start charging for it's use. Look, it is hands down THE social invention of the past 25 years. I use it constantly - private chat, private messaging, sharing of photos, an almost unending database of old friends and information - and it is free? Holy fuck - whoever made that decision is a total dumbass - they are sitting on a gold mine. And if you charged - maybe some of the folks that constantly spam my wall with their dumb shit will go back to Myspace - good riddance. ( Oh - and you do know Justin Timberlake , along with some others, just bought Myspace, right? Remember that whole Google thing I told you about? Use it... )

Another one is the endless and senseless posting about Obama and the National Day of Prayer. But thankfully that one only comes around in seasons - so maybe, just maybe, next year folks will see it and go "Oh yeah, I saw this last year - and it was not true then ......"

One other thing I cannot stand are the "Invites" to "events" that make no real sense - these things are armchair activism at it's most fat-lazy-assed-ness. "Hey - I'm going to go put an orange ribbon on my wall to support the lower 4th circuit courts decision to stop frog licking"... Umm. Ok. Wow. you know who benefits from that? The makers of little orange ribbons, and that is about it. I got one concerning the kid in Florida - sure it is sad - but it had over 2 million attending - to turn on their front porch lights. For what? What a waste of electricity. Like the 12 jurors are gonna ride around the country and go " Oh fuck! We messed up - we shoulda roasted that bitch, EVEN IF WE DID THINK SHE WAS NOT GUILTY.."

And you know - sometimes folks mean well. Like I can see how, a couple of outraged folks would start a movement like that - but it gets nothing accomplished, and it ends up being a time suck when sent to folks to whom it has no application. Unlike the first two examples that are the work of Trolls who find delight in the misleading of innocent ( and too lazy to fact check ) people, the third on just lulls the user into a feeling of "accomplishment" for something that really has zero life impact. At all.

What about the original post trolls? Nah - feed them bastards. You wanna start an original thread with something abrasive, coy, or slightly inflamatory? Rock on! That leads to discussion - it's these " I'm to infantile in my thinking processess to come up with my own shit" posts that drive me nuts. And if you like that, you can copy and paste it all you want. ( Sheeple )


  1. Sadly to say, once I glance the words copy & Paste or Repost I automatically delete the post. Beyond irritating(just behind game requests)

  2. Can I copy and paste this so everyone will know?

  3. Thank you! I've had this conversation with soooo many people!


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