NO, I am not dead

Things sure have been quiet here of late, no?

Well - the reason is simple - out IRL The HP got a new gig.

Same Dance steps, different music.

So now, after three weeks, I have decided to do a "Pros and Cons" of the new job.


PRO: I really like my new boss.
CON: Raleigh Traffic
PRO: Krispey Kreme is on my way to work , for all my breakfast needs.
CON: Raleigh Traffic
PRO: I came in and took the helm of a crew of Professional DFrivers who seem to have a good reputation and know what they are doing.
CON: Raleigh Traffic
PRO: Since the new company is about the size of the divison I was in in the old company, I do not feel too overwhelmed with the new responsibilities.
CON: Raleigh Traffic
PRO: 65 degree afternoon? Let's take the route through Hillsborough Street and do alittle girl watching between point A and point B
CON: Raleigh Traffic
PRO : 20 Ounce Mt Dew bottles in the vending machine for $1
CON: Raleigh Traffic
PRO: I need to hire 6 more people, so I am part of someting that is creating jobs
CON: Raleigh Traffic
PRO: The place I am at now is full of diverse people, with high skills and varied backgrounds
CON: Raleigh Traffic
PRO: I love the way the new job encourages employees to learn, grow and propser
CON: Raleigh Traffic

And that, after three weeks is my impression so far.


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