Fellow Workers - Unite! For Coffee!

The morning finds me about 3 1/2 hours due west from my bed - I'm in the beginning of the mountains of NC to attend a class in order to maintain some certifications I hold.

It is beautiful here - I would love to move here I think. I think that every time I am here. But I also know I spaz out after 24 hours of snow , so in truth it should never ever happen.

But, being I am far from home, I am awake early. I have already walked about 2 miles, down into the little fast food / gas station oasis down the road from my hotel, just to kill some time and not awaken the coworker who I shared the room with.

And as I came back, I watched the hotel as it came to life - lights popping on in rooms left and right, top and bottom floor. And I looked at the parking lot, and despite the fact we are in a most beautiful scenic location, in the peak of leaf season, I realized the parking lot has probably no more than 1 or 2 cars I would attribute to tourists or vacationers.

By and large it is work vans and contractors trucks, some salesmen's cars. A few with NC permanent yellow plates that tattle on a state employee on business travel.

My hotel is not a home away from home - it is an anthill of worker ants, removed from their regular ant hill. They come out and grab a quick smoke in the chilly air, they defrost their windshields. By 6:00 am several have already left and headed to labor.

I need to go wake my roommate - we got a class to attend. But while he's in the shower, I think I am going to go to the big communal coffee pot and rub shoulders with the salt of the earth - my fellow workers - as we unite to go out and keep the world running.

Good morning fellow workers - I love you all.


  1. Love the comparisons to anthills. Reminded me of a drunk conversation years ago where someone rambled to me about how the earth is one giant anthill and we are all simply ants with different duties to keep the anthill from collapsing. Kind of made sense then, really makes sense now:)


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