Thanksgiving 2010 - Some Good, Some Bad

It's that day again. My favorite of all Holidays, even over Christmas. I do not know why, maybe it is not that I LIKE Thanksgiving so much, as I dislike the other ones each on a different level.

I guess I am obligated to list the things I am thankful for, but to be honest, I think I do that plenty enough. I mean, everyone I know knows I love my wife and kids, my parents and my sister, and all my extended family. Who is not thankful in these times if they have a job? Of course I am thankful for living in a c ountry where I can bitch and moan and not worry about some secret police taking me out in the middle of the night ( for now atleast ..)

Here are some you may or may not know - I am thankful for two dogs this year - Biscuit, who we lost in June after having only for a short while, was an amazing dog that every person who met seemed to love. Biscuit was quite the hit at the spring cookout we held, and I miss that dog. Wish he could have grown into an old age - I think he would have mellowed out alot. And Daisy - my beagle. She's new to us, but about a year and a half old. Vry stocky for a female, and seems to have adopted us as much as we have adopted her. She likes to hang out with me in the shop, and when I come home she will jump in the truck and get in my lap like a cat if I let her. I'm thankful for that -and for the two of them for making me feel like a kid. Nothing like a little boy and his dog - and they both make me feel like that.

I'm thankful for something else this year - the website that Gabrielle has going, A Picture Worth 1000 words. It's fun, it's quick, and it helps me with my writing. I'll not go too deep into that, just say if you have not been there, then check out this essay for a feel of what it does for me, and this page for an idea of the goal. ( Actually most all of the pieces are fiction - the essays are rare, but again, if you want to know my feelings on things, thats a good place to start. )

I am thankful for the help of others this year in getting my bike cleaned and fixed. Nick and Brent have done a lot so far as parts, advices and wrenching. Thanks guys.

I am thankful for Evan R Myers, a special boy who has brought indescribable joy to two special people. Dave and Emily - you are rocking it as parents - keep it up. You probably could not comprehend how happy I am for you , little as we have known each other, but my heart bursts with joy at Dave's almost simple fascination at the everyday evolution of fatherhood.

I'm thankful for Chris and his shenanigans, even if he found kryptonite. Chris may hate freedom, but he loves to torment me, all in fun.

And yes, there are many many more I could name, but I do not. I have something else I want to get to.

My 2010 list of things I am NOT thankful for. This year, instead of 15, I have narrowed it down to 5 things.

I am not thankful for:

1) Class Mentality - and folks are guilty of this in all classes
2) Unfair treatment of workers
3) Discrimination based on sexual orientation
4) Whipcrack reactionary voting
5) Yogurt.

( Yes, yogurt was on last years list, but it will be on every list. That shit is just plain foul! )

Happy Thanksgiving folks - take the time today to hug the ones you love, call or message those you appreciate, and maybe even try to mend a fence or build a bridge with someone you have parted with.

It's a mean motherfucker of a world out there kids - look out for one another.

The HP


  1. Thank you HP! Very very thankful for our friendship and camaraderie! I have benefited greatly from our fellowship and its just hilarious to me how many levels we connect on - usually because we're locking horns! :) Whether its NASCAR, politics, current events, or just the love of beer and laughter, its never a dull moment with the HP! Your spirit of gratitude is always clear to me, and your appreciation of the gift of friendship is a great example to me of how I want to be.

  2. Absolutly awesome to see the positive views on such a variety of things, especially fatherhood. Personally there s nothing more important than good parenting. Like your list of dislike, even though I love me some good yogurt:)


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