Election Coming Up - Original to Facebook 10/07/2010

Well, the election is less than a month away. Goodbye my comrades - alot of you will be losing your seats. It was nice to at least feel like you guys were going to make some changes and improve the daily lives of all americans, but you missed it. You played too nice. You tried to look like you were interested in bi-partisonship with a party that did everything it could to scuttle any decent idea that came down the line.

And it look like the other guys are gonna whoop up on you - and right back we go to the way things were. Did you learn nothing? Did the 8 years presidency of The Dunce and then the resounding call of the people for CHANGE and HOPE fall on deaf ears? Or have you guys all been in office so long that you are really no different than your across the aisle brethren?

I myself feel sorry for the poor, the gay, and those who actually have a moral opposition to war - the next several years will be very hard on you guys. How dare you poor, you unemployed due to the outsourcing for profit, the lost jobs due to the pulling back of the curtain on the rather shady and falsely iflated finacial market of the early 00's - sorry. Don't expect that the government you paid taxes to to be helping you out. Get a job. Yeah. I know, it's easy , right? Of course it is, and if you have not gotten a job yet, your just lazy, and abusing the system. Do not take into account the number of jobs that were deleted, left unfilled or businesses that simply do not exist now like they did when you were employed.

And you gay and lesbian folks - you need to find God and leave you ugly, unnatural, selfishly idulgent ways behind you. Don't you know that you choose to be gay - you wanted the ridicule you get in society, you wanted your elected officals to refer to you as "queer" and a "fruit loop " ( Rep. Larry Brown in NC just this week ) . Now, you can still pay taxes, you still have the right to keep your religious ppractices, you have the right to peaceably assemble - but do not try to defend your country and be "out", nor dare you to ask that you and your long term dedicated life partner enjoy the same civic and financial oppurtunities. Hey, it took us from the discovery of this country until the 1960's to even admit that Black people were actually equal to us - you think we want to acknowledge your "alternative lifesyle" ?

Of course, you guys who are gonna get kicked out of your offices, you did not try to advance any social agenda with any great force beyond the health care bill - and you got it passed. But at what expense? The other guys are gonna "rip it up" - and from what I have seen actually replace it with programs that essentially are the same thing, just with their name on it.

Maybe I need to look within myself. Maybe I am not greedy enough. Folks used to joke that they were not "rich enough" to be Democrats - that they could not afford the programs that taxed to aide those without. And folks also joke that they are not " Rich Republicans".

But I want to be fair. I want to be able to get along. So I am going to practce for the new administration.

I'm gonna stop suggesting that the government owes it citizens a quality of life just as much as it owes the world to play policeman. I'm going to tell folks who are jobless to "buck up and get a job" insted of considering the best way to donate time or money to the Food Pantry. I am gonna quit entertaining the thought that all Americans are equal in ability and potential - and openly scoff at the foolish expectations of same sex partners who have the nerve to expect that equality to extend to them. And I am going to openly decry the violence and terror in our neighboring country - and then kick anyone who tries to escape it by coming here out of the country. As a matter of fact, I will support military action around the world , but not take any interest in helping our neighboring country setttle thier insurgant problem.

Like Hell I will. I will be damned if I do any of those.

Get ready folks - the next few years are gonna be brutal.


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