Everyone Farts - Get Over it - Original to Facebook 9/01/10

It's a Wednesday. I have a slight buzz from a sampler pack of Shiner Beer from Shiner Texas. My mind is like a broken merry go round - lots of screaming, a little blood, and a clown over to the side with a grin and a meth habit. Here we go kids - this one's gonna be adult only material...

*** You know what's fucked up? Gas Prices. Not in the "Man this gas is too fucking expensive" - We all go through that, and truthfully, gas in not THAT expensive when you look at other indexes. ( really, it's cheapr than Coca Coal by the cup at a gallon pric from McDonalds, and much more diverse, but I digress). ANYWAY - my problem is the changing price index. I am sorry - I understand supply and demand, I understand availibility versus futures, but come on - there is no way the market is that damn volitile. If it was EVERY product would be that volitile, due to shipping costs alone. Think about it. You understand now, don't you?

*** Drama - I hate it. But I will not suffer the embarrassment of being drug into someone else's bullshit. I have enough on my plate with a Mortgage, kids, a job, employees, hobbies, the farm - I am not going to waste my good sweet time playing games. Period. Sorry. But you know what I will do? I will shine the light of truth on someone I think is trying to hurt someone I care about/ Period. The HP don't play that shit. Hey, I know I am fortunate - I got a loving Sweetums, I have great kids, a good career in a place I love with folks I love. So really, I do not even want to KNOW your games. Really. But if you find a way to interject into my life in a negative way, either directly or indirectly, and I think something is amiss, I'm gonna call it.

*** I am so pissed about not having my bike done yet. I had a mental goal of Labor Day weekend to take it out. I wanted it so badly. In retrospect I realize my own trying to be thrifty and save as much money as possible has robbed me of this. I am mad at myself, o one else. I WILL have it together soon though - and when I do, I am gonna take a day off from work, get that bad boy inspected and ride till I cramp up.

*** After watching and reading and discussing with friends and foes, I will admit ( and echo) a sentiment I have heard elsewhere - the midterms are gonna be BRUTAL to liberals. I can only hope that the wave of conservatives that are elected are of the old REAGAN strain, and not of the Glen Beck viral strain that seems to be so popular now. It's sad to me to see the country regress on social change, but i think it will. There is a part of me that relishes in this happening though - The conservatives had the run of the country and economy for 8 years, fucked it up all they could, got us into two wars, one understandable and the other not - and then as they left strong armed the first Bank Bailout. Then they want to harp on the new administration for failure and not being able to undo in 2 years what they took 8 to fuck up. So they better fix it in their upcoming two years -I'm not gonna give an inch. Sadly, the interjection of religion into the ruling of a multicultural society will most likely result in the increased discrimination and caste system-ing of the population. Oh well - I guess everyone who branded me a socialist better be ready for the fascist name tag - and if the shoe fits your politics, you better get used to wearing it. ( Further as a friend pointed out, the Liberal base is unhappy because the changes and progress have not been enough. We still have DOMA, we still have DADT, we do not have viable tax supported healthcare in operation - what conservatives do not seem to grasp is that there are liberals just as pissed off right now as they are - but on the whole other end of the spectrum)

*** I recently took back up the hobby of home brewing. In this vein I have been trying to drink as many micro and small brews as possible. I so wish I had started a diary, or if nothing else a list ala Jeb's. But last week I grabbed a Miller out of the fridge and drank it. It was tasteless. NOt as in it was no good - it had ZERO flavour. Now i am nowhere near a beer snob, nor any type of gourmond, but really - I had forgotten just how identical all "American Beer" is - and stunned by the lack of bite, taste, flavour or presence it had. I am now hooked - give me a good Fat Tire, or a Longboard, or a Duck Rabbit, perhaps a Peroni - but I'll pass for now on any of the big boys you see in stark abundance - Budweiser, Miller, Coors, and the ilk.

*** My kids are so much more socially progressive that I remember ever being. I bet I was more so than my folks, whose generation is acknowledged as rocking the very foundations of this country, and whose parents I am willing to bet were more so than their parents. Which leads me to believe two things - there is hope that one day people in this county will be all treated fairly and the same, regardless of race, religion, creed, sexual preference, education et al and that this country had to have been founded by some tight ass stick in the muds for each generation to have to push so hard to keep moving to such a balance after 400 plus years.

*** I still have not eaten the Hot Vid Lon. But I will.


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