Pieces of lint, shards of Glass - Original to Facebook 12/19/2009

Sweet Mercy, I have a damn headache. I did not drink all that much, despite my postings and such - but I have an ass kicker of a headache this morning. Maybe it's the weather - who really knows?

So, Christmas is gonna be her in 1 week. Cool. This year is gonna be the year that defines " It's the thought that counts" - because my happy ass is broke. Hello Dollar General - It's good to know thee. Seriously, I am cutting way back. And am not worried about it. IF anything, I am kind of ashamed of the over the top manner in which I have given gifts in the past. So I'm done - Fuck the Joneses, I ain't keeping up anymore.

I need some coffee. I'm going to go get some, and leave for a few minutes, but you'll never know it as you can keep reading. Kinda blows the thinly woven fabric f a lie of a note being like a conversation, huh? If it were, you'd know. As it is, I already have my coffee, and you never missed me. Ta - Da!

I spent some time this past week with an old friend, and yesterday we were finally able to talk without audience and without "working" on cleaning out some stuff, and it was good. It's good to have friends. Love you, you know who you are - and glad to have you as mine.

It is getting to the time when budgets, workloads, weather all fray nerves in the construction industry. I hate this time of year.

I really want a Hershey Bar right now. No trickery, I'm not gonna leave to get one, because there are none here. But damn I want one. I love chocolate better than a 15 year old girl who got dumped 2 days before Prom.

I know a lot of single folks, and undoubtedly several will get engagement rings for Christmas. Really guys? That's original. ( And a hell of a way to get around buying a gift ). I dunno - Christmas and Valentines proposals always irked me for some reason. You guys know I'm a lover not a fighter, and I want everyone to be happy, but they do just seem to find the cynical section of my heart.

I went to lunch with a friend for her birthday this week, and it was awesome. Visiting with and catch up was Awesome. The Places, Sal's, on 55 heading to Durham was awesome. It will get a Hannable Food Review, but not this time - I have an unwritten rule that I only review a meal eaten alone.

It did not snow here last night -the kids are kinda bummed, but I am kinda glad. Let it snow AFTER Christmas, in that week of time I'm off work and bored to death anyway.

I have really gotten the "I want a Motorcycle" bug this year. I'm not gonna get one, I cannot afford one, my wife does not want me to have one, and I do not really want the expense maintaining and driving of one, but every one of them I see, I wish it were mine. Bike envy, I guess.

There is a really neat, organic project that several of y friends and I have kind of spontaneously started - a free form writing project called "The Summit". Each person is taking a turn and adding to the story. It's over the top, and riddled with inside jokes to be sure, but if you are interested pieces are in the notes areas of our walls. Better yet, go to the Fan Page called "Operation Wal-Mart " and they are all collected there in nice neat fashion. I do want to thank everyone who is involved - Nick, Chris, Blade, Dave, Hilton, Mike, Gabrielle - you guys rock - thanks for taking a little time and being creative.

Expanding on that - creativity - in any form - has gotten to mean so much to me. As I mature I met more and more people who do not read, do not enjoy the so called "classic" films, do not peruse museums when able, skip going to public gardens - and it makes me sad. Some of the happiest folks I know are so vivid and creative - and they need an outlet to get these thoughts and images out - and to an individual they enjoy these other things. Creativity lights a spark for others - and I think that is a wonderful thing.

Find a passion. Embrace it. It does not have to be your life - but it will enhance it, and most likely the lives of others. I LOVE too cook. I think I am a slightly better than average home cook. But that does not mean I expect to drop all my things and go open a restaurant, nor do I host snooty diner parties so folks can fawn over my procurement of rare oil and spice collections. Rather, I like to see the pop in someones eyes when they eat something and it is GOOD. Great is nice, but GOOD, truly GOOD, is good enough for me.

I'm sure that there will more of these in the next 15 days or so - I'm gonna have a lot of free time on my hands.


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