It’s Halloween again. That night again.

The night that monsters will roam in the moonlight, without hiding in the shadows, and witches will promenade down the street.

Such a farce – none of the monsters are real. They are plastic masks worn by plastic people. A man who wears a mask of being whatever passes for normal 364 days a year gets to put on the mask of what he dreams he could be for one night.

Sad. I see them, teaching their offspring ho tow act like all the others, how to do what is expected of them. That is making a monster – forcing your ill conceived dreams and plans upon the innocent.

If you want to see a monster, go to the local ballpark and watch a 35 year old father with a beer gut and a bald spot yelling and instructing an 8 year old on how to play a child’s game.

I watch as they tell their kids that monsters are not real, that witches are fairy tales – and then they turn around and warn them not to take candy from strangers or get in the car to help someone look for their lost puppy. Then they kiss them goodnight, and leave them to the nightmares of actual people that could hurt them and smugly feel good about the fact that they taught them that the monsters are not real.

Of course they are – we are the monsters.

We eat flesh and meat. We change the river’s paths and make it do out bidding. We try to harness the wind and make power from it. We pick and fight wars with smaller countries, and sometimes bigger ones.

We steal, rob, cheat, lie, murder, hurt, and ignore pain.

We have affairs of the heart and of the body. We commit corporate espionage. We find ways to maximize profits from people who can barely afford to pay what we charge today, much less what we will charge tomorrow,

We turn our backs on those who need help, want help, are helpless. We help a few but ignore the masses. We hide behind religion and politics as a shield when we are faced with situations that make us uncomfortable. We can always blame an action on doctrine when we cannot say our action was taken just because we wanted to.

We teach our kids do not do drugs before going to the kitchen and mixing up a huge cocktail and taking to the den to drink while we smoke dope. We teach them that everyone is equal, then they watch as we argue at the dinner table over weather people are equal enough to marry, or even to this day we have folks who think that the difference in the amount of melatonin in a person’s skin is indicative of worth.

We are the monsters, you and me.

We tell them to love one another, and then they watch as we send their older brothers and sisters off to fight in wars that we do not support.

We tell them not to bow to peer pressure, then explain war as they did it to us, now we do it to them. We explain that we are fighting for innocent’s lost in an attack, but do not tell them how we kill innocent’s in our attacks in return.

But they learn.

They see, and hear.

And the scary part is that they are slowly becoming monsters themselves.

Just like you and me.


  1. So far, I would have to say this is my favorite blog of yours yet..Brutally honest, from the heart, and painfully true!!!


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