Right Way, Wrong Way, My Way - Original to Facebook 6/16/2009

So kiddos – it’s time for another one of these stream of consciousness rants and raves and whatever I want to say note thingy. As always, hope you like it. Some thoughts are expanded upon, others just flashes in my brainpan.

First off – Gay Marriage. I do not know why this is so much on my mind – pretty sure that after almost sixteen years of marriage to a wonderful woman and 3 sons I am not gay. But this is an issue that I am so tuned into right now. I really do see it as a civil rights struggle – being fought mainly by a generation of lawmakers who should understand what civil rights are! I do not see marriage as a religious institution in a country that attaches medical, leagal and social applications to those who are ( or can be) married. I think love is love – I found mine years ago and it ages and grows like an old oak tree – getting stronger every day. I think all people should be granted the same privilege. The argument that they can be in love without being married – sure, I will honor that – as soon as you stop calling to man/woman non married relationship “living in sin”. The bible says it is a sin? So is eating shellfish, swine and masturbating. Try telling me you have not done all three in the last 10 days. And sorry – no compromise – “Domestic Partnership” reeks of “Separate but Equal” – you have just replaced two sets of water fountains with two sets of relationships. Just like the fountains, yes they both serve the same purpose – but marriage is that nice electronically cooled fountain of water that was marked “Whites” – and “Domestic Partnerships” is the equivalent of the ceramic, exposed pipes baking in the sun fountain reserved for “Coloreds”. Yeah – hard to agree with discrimination when you have been taught that all people are equal.

Next – I am so goddamn tired of being called a socialist because I support some liberal ideals, do not like an organized church state, and have the nerve to say that I think the President is doing some good things. First of all – before you label me, understand what Socialism is – Next, I do not support ALL liberal causes and ideals – but I do support equal rights in matters of civil representation and benefits. I do not like the organized church – true. I am tired of the Christian agenda being forced into law. The same ones who are all gung-ho about it will love to tell you how the “Tally-Ban” and “Ay-Rabs” is running countries that we need to bring freedom to. Well dammit – let us have freedom here first – and when we perfect it – THEN let us spread it. But while you try to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body, two men in love that they are going to go to hell, and meet to figure out what to do about all these “God- Dammed Mexicans” – keep that style of Freedom for yourself.

Moving on – really a sub-article of the last one. The President, as I said, I think is doing good overall. I do not like everything he is doing; as a matter of fact some things have confounded and beguiled me. But hey, he is one man leading millions and millions. He has the eyes of every single person in the media fed world upon him. I do not envy his life. But I respect that he is our elected leader, he is breaking barriers, he seems to have a sense of humor, and most of all seems to be a good family man. I wonder what Newt Gingrich’s mistress thinks of him?

OK – Newspapers. I do not know where to start. I have hit on this before, and was not satisfied with what I wrote, but could not think of a better way, so let’s try again. I LOVE a newspaper – the feel of the grainy paper, the “crack” and “pop” ( but no snap!” of folding one, the inky blurs on your finger tips – really I do. Have you ever noticed that just like reefer and a baby, there is a smell unique to a newspaper? Well, if not, you better go buy one today – they are dying out faster than World War II veterans. With the free content on websites, the constant access on cable, satellite and now over air news channels – newspapers are fading quickly. While I am sure that ethnic and special interest papers will survive, your local dailies are marked for funeral – it s only a matter on when. ONE EXCEPTION: The Sanford Herald. I hate this paper. I think it is printed with funding from a special interest group, most likely called the Sanford Read All About The Same Damn People Every Day Club. And they have the nerve to try to charge to see the content online. Sorry Charlie – Same money – and I can get an N&O? You cannot die soon enough – I hope you’re the next to “fold”. (Ok – bad pun, but hey – it’s an easy one).

Short one – Chris Jeffries and I recently had a Haiku war. Chris rocks – if you know him, you know what I mean. If you do not – oh well, at least you have no worries of him screwing you cat.

Chevrolet, GM, Government Motors. Ok, if you pay attention – you are being told that them failing is OUR fault. Think – They are closing over 2000 lots because of “market saturation” – it was too easy for you to get a rock bottom price, because you could shop and compare deals, sometimes from dealerships a few miles apart. You saving money and getting a deal killed GM. (Oh yeah – and the whole Union thing – to be fair – When they quote a $75 / hour average – that includes all salary and benefits. Want to know yours? Take your hourly salary, plus whatever your employers’ tax cost is, plus your benefits that they pay ( health share, retirement matching, profit sharing, any bonus, and entertainment and training) and it is not all that much more than what is around here – and the cost of living here is A LOT cheaper. So I don’t wanna here that either. My suggestion – buy a foreign car. Most are made here anyway, get better mileage, and have better customer service. Go figure.

Lastly – a few suggestions:
Read “Dixie” by Curtis Wilkie –The life story of a journalist who grew up in the volatile civil rights movements of Mississippi, traveled the world, and returned years later. I like it a lot.
Watch “61*” – I watched it again a little while back with Phillip. I got no use for the Yankees, but a good movie none the less.
Listen “ I aint Marchin’ Anymore” – Phil Ochs. Hard to believe this thing is going on 41 years old, especially since a lot of the songs seem written for today.

And lastly- Remember – Michael Schwerner , Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney, These are the 3 young men who disappeared in rural Mississippi 45 years ago this coming Sunday June 21. The movie Mississippi Burning is about the case and the breaking (though only partially) of a racist group (Some were Klansmen, but not all involved were) and was a breakthrough in law enforcement in 1964.

They died supporting rights – equal rights for others – something they believed in.


  1. Nice post...People always ask if I am a democrat, or republican, or socialist..blah, blah, blah....My answer is always the same. I don't need or want a title to categorize my beliefs. It is only a label.


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